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Ancillary Services

Sewer Scope

The average sewer repair cost is $8500+ and can be over $30,000. Most people are surprised to learn the home owner is responsible for the sewer line starting from the house all of the way through the connection with the sewer main which may or may not be on the property. Often the connection with the main sewer line is located across the street and any needed repairs can be very expensive. With sewer video inspections we find issues in homes of every age…even brand new homes with poorly installed sewer lines. We encounter different types of pipe when using sewer scope cameras. Cast iron, clay and plastic pipes are common sewer video inspection observations.

On older homes with cast iron pipes, the deterioration starts inside of the pipe wall and corrodes all the way through the pipe. In the meantime, the interior of the line becomes very rough commonly holding debris which may eventually block the line. Much of the cast iron pipe in homes was installed in the 1960’s and earlier. A lot of It is reaching the end of its useful service life. The need to replace cast iron sewer pipe is becoming a bigger, expensive issue as these homes and their sewer systems age.

The clay pipe sewer lines in the yards of older homes is brittle and prone to cracking or offset joints.  Any crack, separation, joint problem or other fissure in any type of sewer line is prone to grass root or tree root intrusions which the pipes with openings provide. Root systems grow quickly in the pipes and can cause a back-up in the home reeking damage and creating health hazards.

In homes built with plastic sewer pipes, we often see low areas that are prone to blockage due to improper installation in sewer videos. Horizontal cracking is another common find due to improper trenching and backfill. We find construction debris and trash that was flushed down the system on new home inspections. Kitchen grease is another thing we see built up in plastic and all other types of sewer lines. Cracking and separation at the plastic pipe joints are commonly found with a sewer camera inspection.

We use high-definition, self-leveling color video cameras to examine the condition of the line, root or other intrusions, offsets at pipe connections, debris blockages, cracks and more. The sewer scope inspection video is recorded. You will able to watch it even after the home inspection.


Whole Home Infrared Inspections

Infrared Inspections can be used to find areas of hidden moisture intrusion, damaged HVAC ducts, insulated windows with broken seals, missing insulation behind walls/ceilings/floors, deficiencies in radiant heat systems, hot water lines inside slabs, gaps in hazardous exhaust systems, roof leaks, hidden cracks in walls, overheating electrical panels, air gaps near windows/doors/siding and much more.

Thermography is used in many industries including medical, defense, and manufacturing. Imaging equipment in general is used similarly insomuch as temperature differentials are observed and sometimes measured. The quality of imaging equipment and images produced varies greatly even with industries. The brand and model of cameras we have is the most advanced of those used in the home inspection industry.

The project begins with a detailed examination of the home. Mechanical systems, structural components, floor plan, building materials, roofs, fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, windows, doors, grading, drainage and information relative to how all of these fit together in the specific home are taken into account.

Then comes an extensive preparation of the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, exhaust, air flow and other systems throughout the home. Conditions throughout the entire house must be created in order to allow for the best inspection environment possible. These may vary seasonally and from house to house.

The third step is a methodical, foot by foot, top to bottom thermographic scan of the home. Constant technical adjustments are made in order to uncover various ranges of major and minor temperature differentials. Deciphering what the photos actually mean is where the detailed initial examination, the prep work and, above all, and experience comes into play.

Once the data is collected a report will be complied with my findings. It will show detailed imaging along with an analysis of home conditions and further suggestions for improvements.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections & Reports

The Veterans Administration requires pest inspections for home loans in some parts of Michigan. These include Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, St. Clair, Livingston, Washtenaw and Monroe Counties in the Detroit area. Please let us know if you are applying for a VA or FHA home loan when you schedule your Home Inspection.

Water Testing

Water quality is a major concern of most homeowners. Many contaminants contribute to poor water quality. Sometimes, the source of contamination is simply a natural occurrence in the environment. Rocks containing contaminants such as lead, arsenic, and nitrates can contribute to unsafe levels in the water and can only be identified through testing water. Other times, the source may be man-made, such as a failed septic tank, waste from households or industry, or lawn and home pesticides.

City Water Testing

Measures lead, copper, fluoride and chlorine.

Comprehensive Water Testing

Measures total coliform bacteria, e-Coli bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, lead, arsenic, sodium and hardness.

VA/FHA/RD Water Testing

Measures total coliform bacteria, e.Coli bacteria, nitrates, nitrites and lead.

Chimney Camera Scan & Reports

A Chimney Camera Scan of the interior of the chimney liner can uncover a myriad of defects. Chimney liner problems are not only fire and health safety hazards they can also indicate structural problems. Chimney repairs are one of the biggest expenses for homeowners. The interior of most chimneys have never been inspected. As such, we frequently find issues that need to be addressed.

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